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     The Herbal   Zone



Welcome to The Herbal Zone where there's an herb for everyone and everything. The site is still being developed but will be up and running soon. Some things to look forward to in the coming weeks:

Cooking with Herbs
A collection of the best recipies to bring out the great flavor locked in your herbs. Included are some new takes on ordinary dishes as well as foods ranging from the ancient to the modern. Humans have been using herbs for food longer than for any other purpose and there is a long and rich history just waiting to be explored.

Healing with Herbs
Herbs have been used by humanity since ancient times to promote healing in the human body. The natural chemicals and oils in plants are less conscentrated and work more gently than most modern medicines. Herbs also have  proven track record of more than 5,000 years. Whether you're sipping chamomile for better sleep or applying yarrow for oily skin, you too can benefit from the healing power of herbs.

Fun with Herbs
As any herb lover will tell you, herbs have a million and one uses. Whether its a decorative tea wreath, a lavendar clothe's satchel, or sage-and-thyme bathroom cleaner there are an endless amount of fun things to do with your herbs. From pest control to aromatherapy, the potential is endless.

The Herb Directory
The Directory is intended as a one stop, herb index. Find out whether your peppermint plan prefers shade or sun. See if your lemon balm can do more than just make tea. No matter what the herb, their common, and not so common, uses will be found all in one easy to access location.

Here at The Herbal Zone there is a whole world of herbs waiting to be discovered. This is where there is an herb for every person, and an herb for everything. Come and see for yourself.